Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Day 18: Minneapolis

We're still here...and it's still wonderful outside. It stopped raining for a bit, but it's still cool outside.

This morning Holly and I and Pax had coffee with Marcus and Abby and Selah. It was good to see them. Then I went to vacuum the car. Man, there were oat-ios and puffed corn and rice cakes and banana chips smashed into the ground and littering the seats. It was nice to get the car cleaned a bit.

We play a show tonight and then take off tomorrow morning to Milwaukee with Adam. There is such little space that it will be interesting [read: challenging] to get all the bags to fit. It will happen though. It will.

I am grateful for fall and friends...this has been a wonderful few days.

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Anonymous said...

if josh was able to move his life across country in his little honda and bring along daley & his 2 bags, then decide to squish me and my 2 backpacks in the backseat.... you can do it! =]