Thursday, October 25, 2007

Day 26: to Detriot

We're headed north today...up to Michigan. The morning was brisk and dry. Thank you, God. It was a beautiful drive thus far. We have stopped for a moment or two in Bowling Green, Ohio for some lunch and a little stretch time for all 3 of us.

Tonight we're just outside of Detroit and tomorrow we're in Ann Arbor. Really looking forward to these shows.

Drive time has been much better lately. Shorter drives, longer naps for Pax. It's all better. And it's allowed me some time to think and dream about the years ahead. It's been a very good thing.

Much love and thanks to all of you who petitioned for a better Pax. Holly just reported our treatment for his ear infection here.

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Jessica said...

glad to hear he is doing better....