Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Day 24: Louisville to Berea to Lexington

Holly's napping. So is Pax. You'd know that this is good news if you read this. It's been a hard few days. We've just been "off". Perhaps it's the rain that won't seem to let up long enough. Perhaps Pax has an ear infection. Perhaps 3 weeks in the car is beginning to catch up. Who knows?

It was fun to be at Daniel's house last night and meet his Louisville friends. We discovered a yummy wine called Cono Sur. It's a Chilean Cab-Carmenere blend. Wow. A great $10 wine!

The show had nice energy. It was the last show on this tour with Adam and Daniel. That was a bummer. But it also feels like we're re-launching the tour a bit now. We take off tomorrow for our Ohio-Michigan-New York part of the trip. Should be fun. We'll be in places we've never played before and that's always exciting.

We made a jaunt down to Berea this morning. Got to play some handmade dulcimers, banjos and guitars...and we got to see some beautiful leaves on the ground. Lunch @ the Main Street Café was eh. C'est la vie. We're hoping to meet up with the Kenneys late this afternoon and then hopefully get some time in with the Samsons before getting to bed early. The Samson's continue to be great hosts. We're lucky to have friends like these scattered around.

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