Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Day 6: Glorieta, New Mexico

Still trying to kick this head cold thing. Pax is feeling better. That's good.

I am reminded how lucky we are to know such amazing people...

Today we're leading a discussion called CREATIVITY AS INCARNATION, TRANSFORMATION, and ARTIFACT. We'll be exploring what it means to be creative in our world...doing art more than simply for "art's sake" and also for more than coercing people into something or inviting them to a place [read: a church].

I have been wondering alot about this...both in my mind and out loud with others: I think
creativity offers us a chance to tap into the Source, to articulate it through our lens, and help people see the inbreaking of the Kingdom of Love. It'll be interesting to discuss with the group here.

The air is crisp, the piƱon coffee amazing, the connections deep and profound. I am grateful...even amidst this damn sore throat and runny nose.


Aaron Ivey said...

ddude, sounds like such a great conversation to be a part of.. wish i was there

emma said...

ditto, sounds stimulating... blog some thoughts after it please?

brett said...

missing it!

psoup said...

the conversation on the dock was a good one. almost a great one :) i wish we would start bringing MP3 recorders to these things, eh?