Sunday, October 07, 2007

Day 10: Dallas, Texas

We arrived this morning at 7am, after 10 hours of driving. Honestly, last night is one of the best nights of sleep Pax has had on this entire trip. He slept straight from

My mom graciously watched Pax this morning and we went back to sleep until about 2pm. We're still dragging, but picking up speed.

Tonight we play a concert at Journey in Dallas. If you're around, please join for dinner and the show...around 7pm.

We have several pics to upload...perhaps we'll catch up on that tomorrow. For now, just enjoying Daley's few photos. Geez Daley, put more up! :)


laci said...

i saw that photo on daley's website. i have attractive and spunky friends.


Unknown said...

i love that photo!

JennO said...

Love the pic - but the question is - is holly growing out her hair????